Sanibel Overview and Instructions

Garage Area
Shopping and valet carts are available in the garage. Shopping carts can be accessed by the doors on both the north and south side of the building next to the entryway to the elevators. Valet carts are stored in the elevator access room along the wall. Please make sure to return these items to their designated areas promptly after use.
Beach Access Ramp located by the Pool

There is a special secure gate provided for direct access to the beach from the pool deck. A code specific to each unit is required to access the gate and is not available to the public for their use. The ramp is sloped instead of stepped allowing for greater use and handicap accessibility.
Bike Racks 

Bike racks are for parking/locking bikes and are located on the north side of the parking garage. 

Washing Station 
A hose is provided at the south side of the building outside the ground level Parking Garage door.  It is required that all bikes or beach equipment be rinsed off before entering the building. A code specific to each unit is required to enter the doorway into the garage. Please remember to turn the water nozzle off inside the garage area once you are done using the water. There is a valve on the wall with signage present. It is required that shoes/sandals be worn while inside the building.

Common Area Spaces for Pleasure and Health

The Club Room is located on the north side of the 1st floor and is available for resident and guest use. This is an open seating area for residents to gather and enjoy each other's company or meet up before heading out. Inside the Club Room you will find a full kitchen area with refrigerator and microwave. 

The Fitness Center access is made through the Club Room. Inside the Fitness Center you will find several exercise machines and a set of dumbbells. 

Pool & Hot Tub

On the first floor north side of the Sanibel you will find the door leading to our pool and hot tub on the east side of the building (oceanfront). Please shower before entering the pool or hot tub. 
Grilling Area
Out the same door that leads to the pool you will find an area for grilling and outdoor dining. Grilling is not permitted in any other area in or around the building.